Solar-powered ventilation can protect you from this leading cause of insurance claims in the winter

Solar-powered attic fan

Ice damming is one of the most common causes of homeowner insurance claims in the winter. But a solar-powered ventilation can protect you from this problem and we’ll tell you how.

The bane of ice damming

Ice damming usually happens when snow and ice melt upon contact with the heat radiating from a poorly ventilated roof. The resulting water trickles down into unheated eavestroughs, where it pools and eventually refreezes to menacing build-ups of ice.

As snow and ice continue to melt, ice dams cause more pileups of water to reach the roof underneath the shingles. After the attic, the water may even infiltrate the ceilings of the home. Imagine all of these taking place, while mould, mildew, fungus and structural rot develop.

These call for expensive repair bills. Worse, mould, mildew and fungus growth significantly harm the indoor air quality of your home. This means exposure to health risks and possibly devastating expenses in the long run.

Experts have found that improperly ventilated attics can hold up to half of all the moulds typically found in homes. If left unchecked, an entire home due to mould accumulation may face complaints from local authorities in extreme cases. 

It’s not just owners of older homes who have to be wary of these problems. Newer homes usually have insulations that absorb and retain more moisture and, therefore, are at risk. 

Snow melting off roof

Solar-powered ventilation prevents this winter bane

The lineup of solar-powered attic fans offered by iSolar Solutions conveniently answers these problems before they develop. These attic fans work by channeling warm air outside and away from the areas where snow and ice normally accumulate. This keeps your attic cool during the winter months, preventing problematic ice dams from forming in the first place. 

Home heating bills already make the winter months quite expensive for homeowners. Designed with efficiency in mind, solar powered units improve home comfort with no increase to the electricity bill. Most iSolar models have an automatic temperature shut-off option which stops the fan once an attic has achieved the ideal temperature.

For added protection against the elements, iSolar’s flagship 20W106W-FLEX-SNV Solar Attic Fan can be paired with the SNOWVENTCO Roofers Vent Cover in a package deal. Together, these products keep your roof cool during the winter months. They also protect your roof from strong winds that may blow snow, hail and other moisture-inducing contaminants into your attic through the roof vents. All of iSolar’s products are built to last and have a 20-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. To find out more about how iSolar Solutions can help protect your home’s roof, check out the full list of solar-powered ventilation options on the solutions page.

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