Using Your Garage As Extra Living Space? Prevent Overheating With A Solar Attic Fan

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Garages can often find themselves repurposed as home gyms, workshops, offices, or lounges. But most lack built-in ventilation, and are particularly prone to overheating in arid regions. A solar attic fan is the perfect, cost-effective solution for cooling these repurposed rooms.

Most garages are not built to accommodate people for long periods of time. Therefore, the typical North American garage usually lacks any sort of mechanical ventilation system. In southern regions known for extreme summer heat, temperatures in a garage can rise up to 20 degrees higher than the outside. People and pets inside are put under significant risk of heat stroke and heated related injuries

Unlike other rooms in a house, many garages lack the HVAC infrastructure to support a central forced air conditioning system. While installing a portable air conditioning unit is an option, this still comes with high electricity bills.

To avoid these costs, some homeowners in arid regions like Arizona may resort to cracking their garage doors for a few inches. This does help improve airflow somewhat. However, this leaves the home vulnerable to unwelcome guests like small animals, insects or even burglars.

Solar Attic Fans Are A Garage’s Best Friend

Unlike other ventilation options, solar attic fans benefit from easy installation and a lack of complicated wiring. This means you can install one quickly and cheaply, without needing to hire an electrician. Powered only by the sun, they do not need a connection to the local electrical grid to function. This makes them the perfect solution for repurposed garages that may lack the wiring to support traditional, mechanical ventilation solutions. 

Here at iSolarSolutions, we offer a range of models that can adequately ventilate home garages of any size. This includes our bestselling 20W106-FLEX fan, which has seen widespread adoption in homes across Canada and the United States. 

Studies have shown that solar attic fans can lower indoor temperatures by as much as 10C (50F) during the hot summer months. When an indoor space like a garage starts getting hot and stuffy, solar attic fans automatically switch on to push the pent up hot air outside.

With rising electricity costs and spare parts for air conditioners in short supply, solar attic fans are the perfect, economical solution for keeping your indoor spaces cool and livable without needing to install and maintain an air conditioning system.

What Other Benefits Do They Bring?

Because of their low profile and unassuming appearance, they are less likely to run afoul of renovation rules set by homeowners associations. You may also qualify for tax rebates and incentives from local governments for installing one. 

Many of the models offered by iSolar Solutions are also designed with modularity in mind. This means you can install them in custom configurations to suit the layout of your home. This is particularly useful if your garage is built in a shaded area, without much direct access to sunlight. Models like the iSolarSolutions 20W106-FLEX can make use of modular extension cables. This allows you to place the solar panel far apart from the fan, and even at unusual angles, to maximize sunlight capture.  

Fans in the iSolar FLEX line come with a limited 20-year warranty for added peace of mind. Additionally, iSolar Solutions maintains a network of trusted installation partners who thoroughly understand the science of proper building ventilation. A trusted installation partner can help you find the right ventilation solutions for your garage.

To learn more about how a solar attic fan can prolong the life of your home’s air conditioner, please contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff  at 1-844-684-7723, or by email at

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