Flex Line

iSolar Solutions FLEX Line of Solar Powered Ventilation Solutions

The World’s most FLEXible Solar Powered Ventilation Platform has been developed to deliver solar-powered ventilation solutions that can be applied in virtually any application and any project size. Most solar attic fans come with a fixed solar panel with NO adjustability to optimize for sun angle and performance.

The FLEX Line not only has 0-90 degrees of solar panel adjustment; but also has a patented, separate fan system that can be connected to a remotely mounted solar panel up to 20’ away if there is partial or full shading on site.

Additionally, the FLEX Line has been designed to allow the flexibility of utilizing a single power source (20, 50, or 80 watts) to operate up to 4 fans that can be mounted on a roof, in a gable, soffit, or crawlspace/sidewall location. It’s a simple process for you to get a completely customized system for your application.

Flex Sizing Guide

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