Solar-Powered Ventilation Systems

iSolar, the Next Generation in Solar-powered Ventilation for Attics, Crawlspaces, Garages and Outbuildings.

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Next Generation in
Solar-Powered Ventilation

A Canadian manufacturer of solar-powered ventilation fans serving Canada and the USA.

For more than a decade iSolar’s proven solutions have been reducing electricity costs for home and business owners while improving comfort, mitigating mold, mildew and other dangerous gases, extending roof system life, and avoiding costly HVAC repairs. iSolar’s extensive product line can provide world-class, ventilation to virtually any type of space and with solar power as a clean energy source.


iSolar’s extensive product line can provide world-class, ventilation to virtually any type of space and with solar power as a clean energy source.

HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler

In 2020 HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler and iSolar Solutions (creators of the iSolar Attic Fans) formed an ongoing strategic partnership to showcase the multiple benefits of iSolar Attic Fans to environmentally conscious homeowners. iSolar enjoys working with Bryan Baeumler and his fabulous Team. Bryan installed twenty iSolar 19W-MOD Attic fans at his Caerula Mar Resort in the Bahamas.


Reduces air conditioner cycling and lowers energy bills by keeping attic cooler

Increases in-home comfort (lower temperatures and humidity levels)

Qualifies for government and utilities incentives and tax credits

Eliminates mold and mildew in attic

Extends life of air conditioner

Extends life of roof materials

20 Year Limited Warranty

Pays back long before warranty

iSolar’s FLEX line of solar ventilation products are best installed by professionals such as roofers and home maintenance & HVAC specialists.

Installation Partners

iSolar Solutions considers roofers, contractors and other installer groups as partners!

Whether you are a solar company looking to offer green solutions to your customers that pair well with your solar offering; or a roofer that wants to provide a value-added differentiator in the market instead of standard, static roof venting, iSolar has a business case for you to build your service business while standardizing on a quality-driven, proven solar powered ventilation solution provider.

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The FLEX Line of Solar Powered Ventilation

iSolar’s FLEX line for solar powered fans systems comes in a multitude of solar panel wattages and fan sizes resulting in a breadth of CFM outputs to suit the size of space you need to ventilate. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Cool down and ventilate your space on a dally basis without worry. Without cost. Without greenhouse gas emissions.

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