How to Prevent Crawl Space Mold and Radon Gas

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It’s not an uncommon knowledge that the crawl space is prone to moisture, mold, dust mites, and other pests. However, few know that these pathogens float up into the living space, compromising indoor air quality and your family’s health. So also knowing how to prevent crawl space mold and radon gas becomes essential.

The health risks from crawl space mold and radon

Several studies show that 40% of the air we breathe on the first floor of our homes comes from the crawl space or basement. 

Dark, moist crawl spaces offer the perfect environment for moisture and mold. And they travel up to your home through the ductwork. This rising flow of moisture jeopardizes not only the health of your family but the integrity of your home. High humidity levels in crawl spaces lead the cause of rotted beams and support columns. The harm also extends as well to plumbing failures due to the growth of rust and corrosion. 

Another substantial threat from crawl spaces is radon gas, a cancer-causing radioactive that contaminates indoor air quality and health. Radon gas comes from the decay of uranium in the soil. This gas can seep into your home through the cracks and openings in the foundation. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over 20,000 deaths each year are Radon related. Also, as many as 8 million homes throughout the United States have elevated radon levels. 

In Canada, Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. It accounts for 16% of lung cancer deaths or 3,200 deaths in Canada, annually (Statistics Canada.)

Prevalence of Radon in Canada
Source: Statistics Canada Radon risk map

How to reduce radon gas and molds

Building codes have specific requirements for crawl spaces to prevent future problems. However, passive ventilation alone is not enough. First, it does not completely eliminate moisture damage. Second, it does little to improve air quality. Third, it also does not help so much in preempting the premature aging of your home. Other fixes, such as humidifiers or dehumidifiers, do little to remove Radon and other toxins from your home. The bottom line is that you can’t improve air quality or move moisture without exchanging air! 

Here is the solution:

To prevent mold and radon, keep your crawl space dry. Control the high humidity and moisture with a solar-powered crawl space fan.

The iSolar 20W106-FLEXI-CRL/GAB solar-powered crawl space fan does this job. It offers an energy-efficient and reliable solution to removing damp or stale air underneath your home. Then it replaces this poor-quality air with drier and fresher air from outside. The 20W’s powerful motor can exchange air at the rate of up to 400 CFM. Then it expels moisture and water from the crawl space before it can cause any issues. 

Remember, problems in your crawl space affect your entire home. Preventing moisture issues with proper ventilation ensures that dangerous radon and mold stay away from your living space and its occupants. Our new 440 CFM crawl space ventilation fan is ideal for foundations, basements, and any area that needs to remove humidity. If you’re interested in purchasing or distributing iSolar Attic fans please visit,, or contact 

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