Solar attic fans provide much-needed relief during heat waves

Two solar attic fans mounted on a roof.

For homeowners facing record-setting heat waves and higher electricity costs this summer, solar attic fans can provide some much-needed relief.

Driven by the return of the El Nino climate phenomenon in 2023, extreme temperatures are already hitting homeowners in the United States, western Canada and around the world. Likewise, existing temperature records have already been shattered in Europe and Asia. In some places, homeowners are already spending nearly half of their household income to keep air-conditioners running.

How a solar attic fan will help

Solar attic fans can cut a home’s electricity bills by up to six per cent in the summer. They do this by while cooling a home by as much as 10C due to reduced air-conditioner activity while achieving the desired indoor temperature. Because they do not rely on the local electrical grid, solar attic fans incur zero electricity costs on a home’s utility bill.

During the hot summer months, hot air will rise and stratify in a home’s attic. 

Without ample ventilation, the hot air will remain trapped there, continuing to build up indoor temperatures higher and higher. The home’s air-conditioning is then forced to work extra hard to keep the entire home cool. 

Most homes have built-in vents located in the roof to ventilate hot air out. However, these passive vents typically rely on differences in air density between the outdoor and indoor environment in order to work. These passive ventsmay be enough to meet the minimum requirements of most building codes. However, they are not the most optimal solution for pushing hot air out. 

This is where solar attic fan technology such as iSolar Solutions’ best-selling 20W106-FLEX fan come into play. Whenever the sun shines, the 20W106-FLEX automatically switches on to give your home’s passive vents a much-needed boost, clearing out all the stagnant overheated air within minutes. This translates into typical savings of up to 460 kw/h of electricity over the summer months.

Additional benefits

Solar attic fans also drive out moisture that can build up inside a home’s attic. When built-up moisture is left untreated, mold and mildew-related issues can arise. This can lead to potentially serious health problems from poor air quality and wood rot. By pushing out unwanted moisture, solar attic fans can save homeowners the headaches of potentially expensive repairs down the road. Solar attic fans can also extend the life of your roof’s shingles, which are often damaged by overheated attics. 

Solar attic fans like those in iSolar Solutions’ lineup can also be installed in as little as 15 minutes. They can be easily installed by roofers and most home maintenance contractors since they fit into most existing vent holes and can be placed under existing vent covers. Because they do not rely on power from a local electricity grid, homeowners do not need to hire an electrician

For more information on how an iSolar Solutions solar attic fan can give your home and wallet some much-needed relief this summer, please contact our knowledgeable sales staff at 1-844-684-7723, or by email at

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