Roofers: boost your business by installing solar attic fans

A solar attic fan can benefit your roofing or contracting business.

Solar attic fans don’t just improve attic airflow for homeowners. They can also help roofing contractors and solar contractors upsell the value of their services. 

Around the world, real estate markets are experiencing a growing appetite for properties that integrate green technologies in their architecture. In 2022, the American National Association found around half their realtors were buying or selling properties with green technologies. Another study between 2007-2012 found that homes with green labels had a market premium of nine per cent over those without them. Homebuyers are also increasingly seeking out properties that match their values in sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

How do solar attic fans contribute to the greening of homes?

Solar attic fans continually cycle hot humid air out of attic spaces. This can lower temperatures in living spaces by as much as 10C. This lower base temperature lets homeowners to set their thermostats at a much higher trigger point before their air conditioners start up and run all day long. Air conditioners are among the largest causes of peak-demand of electricity throughout North America. Electricity in many jurisdictions is generated from fossil fuels. Thus, the reduction of air conditioner demand will reduce the impact on the environment. It will lower homeowner electricity bills significantly.

Studies have shown that solar attic fans can lower a home’s electricity bills by five to 10 per cent during the hot summer months.

So what does this mean for contractors?

Roofers and solar installers are uniquely positioned to benefit from these green trends. Offering solar attic fan installations is one such way. Most solar attic fans, like iSolarSolutions’ bestselling 20W106-FLEX, are designed to fit into existing roof vent holes, thus minimizing the time and effort to install. Installation takes as little as 15 minutes and can be done while your team is already on the roof.

As solar attic fans require no electric connectivity from the local grid, there is no need for permits or an electrician for installation. For only a few hundred dollars (product + installation fees), homeowner customers can change their attic from being a liability into an asset.

Do solar attic fans actually work?

They work by giving a home’s existing passive vents a much-needed boost, pushing out hot air from a home’s attic. In turn, this drastically reduces the strain on a home’s air conditioning system, leading to lower electricity costs.

In the winter months, solar attic fans protect homeowners from ice dams, which are the most common causes of homeowner insurance claims. This is achieved by air being circulated in the attic and syncing air temperature between inside and outside of the attic. Without adequate ventilation, snow and ice landing on a home’s warm roof will typically melt upon contact or on a later date when weather warms up.

The resulting runoff then trickles down the roof and pools in the unheated eavestroughs, eventually freezing over again. This causes water to seep back into the attic underneath the shingles. Water damage, mold, and mildew damage will then occur. This will potentially lead to hefty repair bills and health issues for those inside. Solar attic fans will spare homeowners from such problematic runoff by keeping attics cool throughout the winter.

What other benefits are there for contractors?

Roofers and solar installers can reap additional benefits by becoming a trusted iSolar Solutions installation partner. Special discounted pricing on products is available for partners in this program. Partners also get direct technical support and promotional assistance from iSolar Solutions.

Homeowner customers of our installation partners benefit from knowing their solar attic fans are installed by professionals, who fully understand the principles of proper ventilation. For even more assurance, all iSolar Solutions products come with a 20-year limited warranty.

For more information on benefits for contractors, or to become an installation partner, please contact one of our knowledgeable staff.

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