Solar attic fan can boost attic airflow without wiring

A solar attic fan working to ventilate a roof on a sunny day.

Compared to other attic ventilation options, a solar attic fan comes with comparatively fewer strings – or wires – attached.

As the suns rays are all that powers solar attic fans, they run completely independent of the local electrical grid. For homeowners looking to improve ventilation it is effectively done via attics or crawl spaces with solar powered ventilation. This can be done without the need of an electrician for installation. 

Roofers, solar panel installers or general home maintenance professionals can easily install the solar attic fans in iSolar Solutions’ lineup. In addition, iSolar Solutions also has a network of installation partners who specialize in installing solar attic fans. Given what electrician’s hourly rates are these days, this unique benefit of solar attic fans is especially important. At the same time, the demand for attic ventilation solutions continues to increase. Around the world, property owners are becoming aware that properly-ventilated attics will ward off potentially expensive water damage to roof shingles and attic spaces, by preventing rot and severe health problems for occupants. Properly-ventilated attics also help cut down on overall electrical usage via reduced air-conditioner usage.

How solar attic fans can protect your home’s attic

In colder climates, solar attic fans bring these benefits by venting hot air that builds up inside a home. In poorly or passively ventilated attics, snow and ice will typically melt upon contacting a home’s warm roof, leading to runoff that then refreezes in the eavestroughs. When enough runoff builds up, hazardous ice dams and icicles will form, leading to water from additional runoff seeping back underneath a roof’s shingles and into an attic’s interior. Do you get icicles each winter? If so, this problem will persist.

The resulting water damage can lead to expensive repairs to address rot and unwanted moisture in attic interiors. It can also cause dangerous mold and mildew growth. Remember, moisture in wood is a haven for termites. Unaddressed problems may lead to local authorities condemning an entire property in extreme cases. Studies have shown that solar attic fans can successfully lower a home’s living space temperature by as much as 10℃. This in turn translates into significant electricity savings via reduced air conditioning run times, as well as wear and tear on air-conditioner units. 

iSolar Solutions’ unique patented design have modular installation in mind (like those in the popular FLEX line). Multiple fans can share one connection to a single, relatively small solar panel. These models fit easily into most existing vent openings on a roof, thus minimizing or eliminating the need to cut a new hole or modifying existing vent opening holes.

To learn more about the benefits of installing a solar attic fan in your home, or to find installation professionals in your area, please contact the knowledgeable staff at iSolar Solutions from the contact info on their website: www.

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