Solar attic fans get more air moving with less red tape

A solar attic fan on a roof with grey shingles

Of all the attic ventilation solutions available on the market, solar attic fans are the best choice for making good neighbours. 

In addition to their own property needs, homeowners will often need to be considerate of others nearby when looking to keep their attics cool and dry. Due to their large profile, many traditional ventilation solutions like turbine fans may face opposition from homeowners associations (HOA). As well, turbine fans installed on rooftops may lead to noise complaints from nearby residents.

By contrast, solar attic fans generally have a much lower profile and cause less disruption to a roofline’s original sightlines. With fewer moving parts than whole house fans or turbine fans, they also run much more quietly. This makes them a perfect solution for maintaining both efficient attic ventilation and good neighbourly relations.

Solar attic fans have zero regulatory obstacles

Currently, up to 53 per cent of owner occupied American homes go through HOAs’ regulation. These associations may enact rules designed to maintain a uniform architectural character across the entire community. They may also have strict rules around what kinds of renovations are approved. High-profile additions to a home, like a traditional turbine fan or electric whole house fan, may be banned for fear of being an eyesore.

By comparison, solar attic fans takes up less space and sit flush to a home’s rooflines due its compact build. The 20WSPF-FLEX fan by iSolar Solutions, for instance, measures just 17.2×15.2x5cm(6.7x6x2in.) in size. This low profile makes solar attic fans less likely to run afoul of HOA rules, and more likely to gain HOA’s recognition of its quality that values community architectural character.

Some states like California, Arizona, Utah and Florida have even passed laws that prohibit HOAs from banning solar panels on roofs, giving solar attic fans a clear advantage. However, HOAs can still regulate the placement and design of solar panels on a roof. This is where the modularity of solar attic fans, like those in iSolar Solutions’ lineup, shines the brightest. In particular, our FLEX lineup of fans are specifically designed to be modular, allowing for creative installation options whisper-quiet brushless motors in the most challenging of scenarios.

A whisper quiet solution

Unlike turbine fans or other traditional ventilation options on the market, solar attic fans are considerably quieter. Specifically, the solar attic fans in iSolar Solutions’ product line run with whisper-quiet brushless motors. They make little to no noise, designed with the peace and quiet of neighbours in mind.

Turbine fans, by contrast, are known for noise pollution as their mechanized components age. Loud squeaking or other unwelcome noises may arise due to rust and damage caused by exposure to the elements.

By contrast, solar attic fans in iSolar Solutions’ product line can avoid these problems with an optional SNOWVENTCO vent cover. These covers use micropore technology to stop over 99 per cent of snow, rain, insects and vermin from entering the attic or damaging a fan over time. For added peace of mind, all iSolar Solutions products come with a 20-year limited warranty.

To learn more about attic ventilation options for your home, please contact one of our knowledgeable staff. 

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