Can solar attic fans keep the Prime Minister’s pool house mold free? 

All indoor pools are vulnerable to mold if indoor condensation and humidity is not properly ventilated. Event the Prime Minister of Canada's pool house is not immune.

Without proper ventilation, high indoor humidity and mold can close any indoor pool. Even ones for a country’s head of state. Solar attic fans can help prevent embarrassing closures that keep everyone out of the water. 

For the past several years, mold has kept the pool house at the Prime Minister of Canada’s official residence closed. Since the building was constructed in 1975, humidity has seeped deep into the building’s floors, ceilings, insulation and interior wood cladding. 

Like in all other indoor pool buildings, humidity and moisture became trapped over the years. These problems are compounded by the natural evaporation of water indoors. It also does not help that the building’s antiquated de-humidification is in dire need of replacement. Without adequate airflow, condensation and mold compounded over the years. Last year, authorities shut down both the pool and the Prime Minister’s adjoining home over the resulting health hazards.


You will often see solar attic fans installed in residential homes. However their proven effectiveness at ventilating moisture and humidity also makes them ideal for ventilating pool houses. They work by boosting a building’s built-in ventilation and dehumidification systems, which are usually not enough to achieve proper ventilation. 

Powered solely by the sun’s rays, solar attic fans switch on automatically when a building’s existing ventilation systems are struggling to keep up with airflow. They push the hot, humid air and condensation outdoors. This actively prevents the risk for mold and mildew forming. 

Without proper ventilation, musty, damp air can also make breathing difficult for swimmers. Moist and damp air is much more likely to be breeding ground for germs and harmful insects such as termites.

Even current methods of treating germs in pools can be harmful without proper ventilation. Unlike outdoor pools, fumes from the chlorine used in indoor pools have nowhere to dissipate. Exposure to such fumes are known to have harmful respiratory health effects for swimmers without adequate airflow. 

Additionally, builders do not always incorporate adequate ventilation. This even includes large public pools. In 2013, American Olympian Caleb Dressel was sent to the emergency room during a professional swim meet because of severe indoor air quality problems at the pool. 


You can have a solar attic fan installed in as little as 15 minutes. Roofers or general home contractors can usually handle the job. Because of their low, intrusive profile, they are also less likely to run afoul of regulations set by homeowners associations. The simple wiring of solar attic fans do not require an electrician for installation, and they add nothing to a home’s electricity bill.

Regardless of whether your indoor pool hosts heads of state, professional athletes or close friends and associates, a solar attic fan can keep your indoor pool space operational  and healthy.

For more information on how a solar attic fan can improve air quality in your indoor pool, contact one of our knowledgeable staff.

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