Solar attic fans can protect your home, even if insurance doesn’t

A solar attic fan can help protect your home when insurance doesn't

Homeowners insurance policies will generally cover damages from sudden perils like flooding or fire. But when it comes to removing mold that has built up over years, you may be out of luck. A solar attic fan can help protect your home by plugging this gap.

Mold growth typically occurs when the buildup of moisture inside is not properly ventilated. Sudden events like floods and burst pipes can cause such unwanted moisture. But more often, the root cause is water that gradually seeps into the home over a long period of time. Leaks are a typical culprit.

This means that in most cases, homeowners are on their own if they have a mold problem on their hands.

For homes in colder climates, moisture typically occurs when falling snow melts upon contact with a home’s warm roof. The runoff can then refreeze in the eaves, causing dangerous ice dams that block drainage. This causes water to seep back into a home’s attic underneath the shingles, leading to mold, mildew and rot. In warmer climates, mold often develops due to the buildup of humidity inside. According to some estimates, up to 70 per cent of American homes suffer from mold infestations. In extreme cases, entire houses can be condemned due to the severe health problems caused by mold. 


Solar attic fans, like iSolar Solutions’ bestselling 20W106-FLEX-SNV, automatically switch on when a home’s roof isn’t getting proper ventilation. In doing so, they can create a dry environment in a home’s attic that prevents mold from growing and spreading. During the summer months, they push out hot air and humidity. During the winter, they cool the roof’s attic by pushing out warm air. This prevents snow from melting upon contact with the roof and forming hazardous ice dams.


While most modern homes often rely on passive vents. These kinds of vents have no mechanical parts, and instead rely on differences in air pressure between a home’s interior and exterior to push out humid, hot or moisture-laden air. While these are enough to meet the bare minimum of most building codes, they are generally not powerful enough to properly ventilate a home’s roof. 

Solar attic fans can give these vents a boost when needed. They add nothing to a home’s electricity bill while running since they are not connected to the local electricity grid. 

You can install a solar attic fan in as little as 15 minutes. Most solar attic fans in iSolar Solutions’ product line fit into a home’s existing vent holes. Because they lack complicated wiring, there is no need to hire an electrician. Most installations can be performed by roofers or general contractors. For more information on how a solar attic fan can benefit your home, contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff.

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