Solar attic fans: a roof lifesaver amid rising prices, roofer shortage

A solar attic fan can keep roof repairs at bay

With dwindling labour, rising prices and material shortages plaguing the roofing sector, it is certainly not a good time to have water damage your roof. A solar attic fan can help keep roof repairs at bay in these tough times.  

As of spring 2023, the price of roofing materials had jumped by 42 per cent since 2020. This has mainly been due to rising material costs, inflation and lingering supply chain challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, finding a roofer is becoming more and more difficult. Roofing and construction jobs are attracting fewer and fewer candidates, failing to offset yearly retirements. Backlogs of roof maintenance have also not helped. In fact, routine roof repairs were one of the most commonly deferred maintenance tasks for homeowners during the pandemic. 

Most roofs are built to last between 15-30 years. But without proper ventilation its lifespan can be much shorter. Although roof maintenance is unavoidable, homeowners can drastically slash costs and frequency of roof repairs in as little as 15 minutes by installing a solar attic fan.

How a solar attic fan can keep roof repairs at bay

The biggest threats to the health of a home’s roof are water damage and mold. These often come hand in hand when roofs leak. Homes in colder climates are particularly at risk of water damage and leaks during the winter months as ice dams can form in the eaves. This often occurs when falling snow melts upon contact with a home’s warm roof. The runoff then trickles down into the eaves before refreezing. This buildup of runoff water can then end up seeping back underneath a home’s shingles into the attic. 

Over time, the resulting water damage can cause extensive rot, mold and mildew to grow indoors. These not only entail expensive repairs, but can also have serious health effects for residents. Each year, ice dams are one of the leading causes of insurance claims due to water damage. 

Solar attic fans, like iSolar Solutions’ bestselling 20W-106-FLEX, nip these problems in the bud by ventilating out hot air from a roof’s interior. By keeping the roof cool, runoff is minimized, drastically reducing the risk of ice dams forming. During the summer months, solar attic fans protect roofs by ventilating hot, humid air and condensation that builds up indoors. This again keeps the roof interior dry, preventing mold growth and rot.

Most modern buildings have built-in vents. However they are often inadequate as they do not rely on mechanical parts to keep air flowing. Solar attic fans automatically switch on to give these passive vents a boost when needed, and add nothing to a homeowner’s electrical bill.

Is installing one complicated?

You can install a solar attic fan in as little as 15 minutes. Without any complicated wiring, you don’t need to hire a roofer or even an electrician. Most general home maintenance contractors can do the job. For added peace of mind, iSolar Solutions also maintains a network of trusted installation professionals  who are trained in the principles of proper attic ventilation. Detailed installation instructions for iSolar Solutions’ products can be found under the installation instructions section of this website. 

For more information on the best ventilation solutions for your home, please contact one of our knowledgeable professionals.

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