Solar attic fans keep AC units running amid spare parts shortage

Solar attic fans can prolong the life of your home's air conditioning unit.

Homeowners feeling the heat of air conditioning bills this summer have another reason to sweat. Replacement parts for air conditioners are in short supply. Solar attic fans can help.

Record heat waves, supply chain problems and rising costs have left homeowners waiting longer and paying more for air conditioning repairs in recent years. Driven by factors like COVID-19, the parts shortage is compounded by a dwindling pool of technicians available to perform repairs. It goes without saying that it is not a good time to have an air conditioner break down.

How can a solar attic fan lighten the load on your AC unit?

In the heat of the summer months, hot air will typically rise and remain trapped in a home’s attic. Most houses come with built-in vents that allow hot air to escape. However, these passive vents don’t involve any moving parts. Instead, they rely on differences in air pressure between the indoors and outdoors to move out hot air.

Often, these vents are not sufficient enough to move out hot air faster than it builds up inside the home. These rising temperatures force a home’s air conditioner to work extra hard. This drastically increases the wear and tear on its parts. 

When this happens, solar attic fans like iSolar Solutions’ popular 20W-106-FLEX can help. They do so by giving these passive vents a much-needed boost, switching on when hot air builds in an attic. The extra ventilation solar attic fans provide can lower indoor temperatures by as much as 10C

In turn, strain on the air conditioner is greatly reduced, lengthening the overall life of the unit and its parts. Solar attic fans also don’t add extra costs to a home’s electrical bill as they are not connected to the local grid. In fact, their cooling effect can slash a home’s electricity bills by up to six per cent in the summer months.

How do I get a solar attic fan?

You can install these units without requiring an electrician in as little as 15 minutes, and they fit into most existing vent holes. All iSolar Solutions products come with a limited 20-year warranty. For added peace of mind, iSolar Solutions maintains a network of trusted installation partners who thoroughly understand the science of proper building ventilation. 

To learn more about how a solar attic fan can prolong the life of your home’s air conditioner, please contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff  at 1-844-684-7723, or by email at

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