Things to consider when buying a solar attic fan

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Picking a solar attic fan for your home pose challenges. You will find many models in different sizes, price ranges, and efficiency ratings available on the market today. But which ones give you the best value for your money?

To answer that question, we’ve compiled a quick and convenient checklist of features and factors for you to consider when deciding which solar attic fan best suits your needs. 


The efficiency of solar attic fans is measured in CFM, or cubic feet of air moved per minute. This serves as an indicator of how much airflow a specific fan can provide for your attic. Higher CFM numbers generally suggest that the fan can move more air over a larger area. Note that the rated wattage of a fan’s solar panels does not link to its effectivity level in circulating air. 

Solar attic fans like iSolar Solutions’ bestselling 20W106-FLEX have efficiency ratings of up to 400 CFM. This means its design can service an area up to 600 sq. ft. Since most homes have an attic size below 1,000 sq. ft., most homeowners will only require one or two of these affordable, high-efficiency units in order to achieve optimal attic airflow. 

You may also want to ask a manufacturer about how the CFM rating of their fans got measured. Unlike some competitors, the products offered by iSolar Solutions underwent tests for efficiency in real-world roof conditions, rather than in laboratory conditions that can artificially inflate the CFM numbers advertised. 

Material and construction

Solar attic fans preserve the lifespan of your home’s roofing materials. So, it makes sense to expect durability and high-quality construction when selecting a fan. Unfortunately, mostly aluminum or low-grade plastics make up most fans in the market. These materials spell high susceptibility to chipping and corrosion over time. By comparison. iSolar Solutions’ products utilize heavy-gauge, recycled polyethylene plastic — materials known for being highly resistant to damage, fading and chemical corrosion. 

Consider water resistance as another factor, especially for homeowners living in areas with extreme climates. Before committing to a solar attic fan, ask the manufacturer about the quality of the fan, and whether their IP68 product rating. IP68 is the highest internationally recognized standard for determining how well an electrical device can withstand dirt, debris and water. With a deep understanding of North American climates, iSolar Solutions guarantees IP68 rating for all its products. 

Lastly, explore what solar panel material options suits your budget and needs. Solar panels usually fall into one of two categories – monocrystalline or polycrystalline. Monocrystalline panels are built using one silicon crystal per solar cell. This means they can withstand extreme heat better than those in the market. However, this also means more expensive cost than the polycrystalline panels, which combine several silicon crystals per solar cell. Polycrystalline solar panels generally more suits for homes in areas with more moderate climates. Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, iSolar Solutions offers options in both polycrystalline and monocrystalline models. 

Potential installation complications

in the absence proper research, the size of a solar attic fan can also make the installation process a headache. Most fans on the market do not fit neatly into existing vent holes in roofs. In many cases, their large size requires cutting enlarged holes into a roof in order to accommodate them. This in turn greatly adds to installation costs. To save time and money on installation, look for a retrofittable solar attic fan – or adjustable to fit any existing vent hole on your roof. 

Some models offered by iSolar Solutions, like the 20W106-FLEX, boasts extremely compact size and adjustable mounting plate, allowing the fan to fit into most existing roof vent holes between 6” to 13” in diameter. For roofs with extremely limited space, some iSolar models also come in crawl space versions that allow the mounting of solar panel almost anywhere on the roof, and even vertically on the side of a building. 

Fans like the 20W106-FLEX also feature adjustable solar panels (measuring 13.7” x 16.5” x 1”). Unlike many competitor products, these compact panels can be rotated and angled to make maximum use of the sun’s rays. This feature especially benefits roofs with limited sunlight due to its pitch. It also benefits home locations usually covered by shadows cast by trees and neighbouring buildings. 

For added protection against the elements, iSolar Solutions offers exclusive access to the acclaimed SNOWVENTCO roofer’s vent as part of a package deal with the 20W106-FLEX fan. This state-of-the-art cover effectively keeps out 99 per cent of water, dust, debris and vermin. 

Value and manufacturer reputation

Price always weighs heavily when it comes to planning for home renovations, as does the reputation of a product’s manufacturer. Typically, the price of most solar attic fans sits between the $400-$750 CAD range. By comparison, iSolar’s products stands out as the more budget friendly choice and better investment. Our iSolar 20W106-FLEX, for instance, comes in at a competitive $299 CAD. Yet, despite the low price, iSolar Solutions’ products have gained an outstanding reputation for quality, having received an official endorsement from HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler


Your solar attic fan will stay with your home for a very long time. So it is important that a manufacturer stands firmly behind the quality of their products after installation. Be aware that not all manufacturers offer warranties, and those that do typically provide 10-15 year warranties. For peace of mind, all iSolar Solutions products have a 20-year limited warranty after installation. 

Ready to buy?

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