Tiny home owners: ward off big headaches with a solar attic fan

Tiny homes can lead to big headaches if not properly ventilated! Mold, moisture and heat all get trapped in these tiny spaces. A solar attic fan can help alleviate these problems and keep your tiny home healthy.

Tiny homes are rapidly rising in popularity in Canadian cities. But these pint-sized palaces can come with big headaches without proper ventilation. A solar attic fan can help.

From coast to coast and everywhere in between, Canadian cities have responded to skyrocketing housing prices by allowing a growing number of micro-homes to be built. Typically about 400 square feet in size, these homes offer house hunters much financial relief in an overheated market. 

However, their incredibly small size means tiny homes are more prone to trapping humidity and moisture than larger structures. Mold in particular is a particularly common problem for these dwellings. This is because condensation builds up quickly in small spaces. Insulation may also not be adequate. Especially during the sweltering summer months, these small spaces can get heated very quickly.

Compared to larger homes, proper ventilation is significantly more critical to health and well-being as homes get smaller and smaller. 

How can solar attic fans help? 

Solar attic fans, like iSolar Solutions’ bestselling 20W106-FLEX, are uniquely positioned to help small homes get a big boost in ventilation. They work by actively pushing out hot air from a home’s interior during the hot summer months. They also vent out built-up moisture in the process. Studies have shown a solar attic fan can reduce wear on air conditioners and greatly cut electricity costs.

However, it is the modular nature of iSolar Solutions’ fans that make them particularly well suited for tiny homes. Fans and solar panels can be installed in custom configurations that fit the unique architecture of each home. Installation only takes about 15 minutes.

For tiny homes in densely populated areas, shade is an additional challenge. In these situations, iSolar Solutions’ solar panels can be strategically placed to make maximum use of available sunlight.

And for very, very tight spaces, iSolar Solutions also offers a crawl space version of the 20W106-FLEX. Most tiny homes lack a traditional basement, making this fan a perfect fit for tiny homes built on flat surfaces.

Solar attic fans already have a strong track record of success in ventilating small spaces. Portable storage containers, sheds and greenhouses have all boosted their ventilation with iSolar Solutions’ fans.

Are there other benefits for tiny homes?  

Electrical wiring is another common challenge for tiny homes, as their miniaturized electrical systems can easily become overloaded. Solar attic fans add no additional burden on the home’s electrical system since they run independently of the local grid. This means they require no electrical connection.

Through constantly ventilating out hot air, solar attic fans reduce reliance on air conditioning, providing the electrical system with additional relief. An electrician is not necessary for installation. Most roofers and contractors are familiar with solar attic fan installation.

For more information on how a solar attic fan can bring big benefits for your tiny home, please contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff

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