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iSolar 40W-INT

Your Solar Wise Solution to Home Comfort

iSolar 40W-INT

Solar ATTIC Fan – iSolar 40W-INT-R • 100% Solar Powered • 1092 CFM • Prevents Moisture Damage • Keeps Attics Cool • Reduces Energy Costs • Endorsed by HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler • by iSolar Solutions


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    Compact • Strong Construction • Patented Design

    This fully assembled solar roof fan comes with an adjustable solar panel on top and a strong galvanized steel unibody fan casing. Finished with anti-UV powder coating. Compact design, all in one unit.

    Easy installation. No maintenance.

    High-Efficiency Air-flow: Equipped with patented design wind-guide cone. Produces less drag and faster exhaust. Prevents rain or wind from flowing backwards.

    A one-piece roof mount, high-performance solar attic fan capturing natural solar power, creating efficient ventilation with a quiet brushless motor. An energy-saving green solution for a healthy and comfortable home environment.

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    100% solar-powered. The iSolar Attic fan refreshes stale overheated attic air with no electricity required.

    • Removes moisture and harmful
      mold and mildew
    • Extends the lifespan of roofing materials
    • Reduces strain on air-conditioners
    • Balances indoor temperature


    iSolar 40W-INT Additional Options

    SOLAR ATTIC FAN - iSOLAR 40W-INT-S • 100% Solar Powered • 1092 CFM • Ideal for a 1,500-2,000 sq. ft. area • All Season Ventilation Benefit • Keeps Attics Cool • Prevents Moisture Causing Damage • Improves Home Comfort • Endorsed by HGTV’S Bryan Baeumler • by iSolar Solutions

    SOLAR ATTIC FAN - iSOLAR 40W-INT-S • 100% Solar Powered • 1092 CFM • Ideal for

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    "We are really glad we got these fans installed. I have seen a big difference on the top floor when it's hot out. My husband has been on the roof a couple of times and the installation is solid. I really recommend this company and the fans."

    - Ri Ri

    Source: Google Review

    "Works great keeps the attic cooler and our hydro bills haven't increased since putting this on the roof. Highly recommend"

    - Doreen Lund

    Source: Google Review

    "Device works quite well. A SLIGHT hum noted when device activates. Still doing good job 5 yr since installation. Noticeable improvement in temperature in my home on second floor. Installers did great job, done quickly and professionally. I have a 4000 sq ft home with 2 roof devices"

    - Roger Bunn

    Source: Google Review

    "I retrofitted (2) 19 Watt-MOD units into my existing roof vents in 2014. This product did everything it was supposed to and more."

    - John Lambert

    Source: Google Review

    Features & Specs



    40W solar panel


    Solar Panel

    Polycrystalline, adjustable / detachable size: 49.5×49.5×2.5 cm (19.5×19.5×1 in.)


    Fan Blades

    17.8cm (7in.) Composite blades (nylon and fiberglass), 7 pcs with aluminum shaft sleeve


    Fan Guard



    Top Shroud Cover

    Choice of square or round (square only available in Canada and Mexico)


    Fan Housing

    Galvanized steel with anti-rust, anti-UV powder coating


    Fan Dimensions

    53x53x25.5 cm (20.9×20.9×10 in.)


    Air Movement

    1092 CFM*



    65x65x34 cm (25.6×25.6×13.4 in.)



    18 kg. (39.7 lbs.)



    Roof/Attic, Greenhouses


    Thermal Auto Shut-off Switch

    Set to 25C/77F (on) and 18C/64F (off)



    Brushless DC


    Motor Voltage



    Motor Power

    ≤ 50W


    Motor Size

    8.6 cm (3.4 in.) diameter


    Motor Speed

    78 – 1041 RPM


    Motor Quietness

    < 45 dB


    Motor Material

    Pure copper, high quality ball bearings


    Motor Intrusion Protection

    IP68 (Waterproof and dust-proof). Animal guard included.

    *Due to lack of industry standards, CFM is often quoted as the maximum peak output of a bare fan in laboratory conditions. iSolar CFM is representative of its fully-integrated units operating in typical attic conditions.

    HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler

    HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler and iSolar form strategic partnership. We are pleased to announce the forming of the strategic partnership between iSolar, creators of the iSolar Attic Fans and HGTV star Bryan Baeumler. See announcement below. iSolar looks forward to working with Bryan Baeumler and his fabulous Team.

    Happy Customers

    iSolar Attic Fan is the Way to Go!
    “We installed 2 fans on our home and have enjoyed a dramatic temperature drop on our second floor. It’s nice to be able to sleep at night with the windows open. The units really make a difference on hotter days as we have been able to set our A/C at 75F and it hardly ever comes on! Without a doubt we saved significant dollars on our electric bill. Love this product!”

    Donna L.

    Cooled Us Off

    “We installed one and we really noticed the difference in these last couple of days as our house was really cool when we came in from work without the AC turned on. I am thinking I may install one on the cottage.”

    Les M.

    Contractors and Home Builders

    • The Solar Attic Fan gives you the opportunity to offer a profitable add-on product that enables homeowners to ‘go solar’ affordably.
    • If you’re still putting passive vent covers on roofs to vent the air, but nothing to actually draw the hot air out of the attic, the solar powered attic fan will be a game-changer for you.
    • The Solar Attic Fan can change the way homeowners think about their home. Imagine being able to use the word Solar in your business offerings.
    • It’s an easy and inexpensive way to offer additional value to your customers. Low cost, high return.
    • Volume discounts available. Please fill out the form below for contractor pricing.

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