Solar Attic Fan 50W-INT

SOLAR ATTIC FAN – iSolar 50W-INT-R • 100% Solar Powered • 1126 CFM • Integrated all-in-one design • All Season Ventilation Benefit • Keeps Attics Cool • Prevents Moisture Causing Damage • Improves Home Comfort • Endorsed by HGTV’S Bryan Baeumler • by iSolar Solutions

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High-Efficiency Air-flow: Equipped with patented design wind-guide cone. Produces less drag and faster exhaust. Prevents rain or wind from flowing backwards.

A one-piece roof mount, high-performance solar attic fan capturing natural solar power, creating efficient ventilation with a quiet brushless motor. An energy-saving green solution for a healthy and comfortable home environment.

This fully assembled solar roof fan comes with an adjustable solar panel on top and a strong galvanized steel unibody fan casing. Finished with anti-UV powder coating. Compact design, all in one unit.

Easy installation. No maintenance.

100% solar-powered. The iSolar Attic fan refreshes stale overheated attic air with no electricity required.

  • Removes moisture and harmful mold and mildew
  • Extends the lifespan of roofing materials
  • Reduces strain on air-conditioners
  • Balances indoor temperature
Weight 18 kg
AC/DC Adaptor (21V 1.5A) with 6 m cable

With Smart Controller to take care of power switching between solar panel and AC/DC Adaptor

Air Movement

1126 CFM*


Roof/Attic, Greenhouses

Fan Blades

17.8cm (7in.) Composite blades (nylon and fiberglass), 7 pcs with aluminum shaft sleeve

Fan Dimensions

53x53x25.5 cm (20.9×20.9×10 in.)

Fan Guard


Fan Housing

Galvanized steel with anti-rust, anti-UV powder coating


Brushless DC

Motor Intrusion Protection

IP68 (Waterproof and dust-proof). Animal guard included.

Motor Material

Pure copper, high quality ball bearings

Motor Power

≤ 50W

Motor Size

8.6 cm (3.4 in.) diameter

Motor Speed

78 – 1070 RPM

Motor Quietness

< 45 dB

Motor Voltage



65x65x34 cm (25.6×25.6×13.4 in.)


50W solar panel

Shroud Cover

Round (R) or Square (S)

Solar Panel

Polycrystalline, adjustable / detachable size: 49.5×58.0×2.5 cm (19.5×22.8×1 in.)

Thermal Auto Shut-off Switch

Set to 25C/77F (on) and 18C/64F (off)


18 kg. (39.7 lbs.)

*Due to lack of industry standards, CFM is often quoted as the maximum peak output of a bare fan in laboratory conditions. iSolar CFM is representative of its fully-integrated units operating in typical attic conditions.

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