Ventilation Isn’t Just For Attics: Unique Applications for the iSolar 20W106-FLEX Ventilation Fan 

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The performance capabilities of our best-selling iSolar 20W106-FLEX solar-powered ventilation fan extend well beyond the attic! Many of our customers and partners have found success installing this Canadian-made fan in some pretty unique places. These include sheds, greenhouses, and even solar kilns!

Oceanside Waste Storage Sheds 

Unique applications of iSolar's ventilation fan

Clare Machine Works, a Nova Scotia company known for building world-class, machine-engineered industrial solutions for the global marine and fisheries sectors, recently installed our 20W106-FLEX model on their waste oil storage sheds to ventilate and remove diesel fumes and improve the air quality for their crew.

The versatility of the 20W106-FLEX spells unique. It’s the only Canadian-made solar ventilation product that can be mounted horizontally on a roof or vertically on a wall. This flexibility allowed their team to install the fan vertically on the sheds and then mount the solar panel independently on the top of the sheds. Both installation decisions enable the sun’s rays to have maximum effect. The Clare Machine Works team loved the fact that they didn’t have to use electricity to accomplish this. And they were extremely impressed with the strength of our fans, especially during gale force winds!⁣⁣

Garden Sheds

We spend hours in our sheds tinkering on projects but forgetting the toxic fumes and unclean air we can inhale. Our 20W106-FLEX ventilation fan, which installs easily to the roof of your shed, helps in many ways:

  • Improvement of airflow
  • Reduction of mildew
  • Prevention of tool corrosion
  • Reduction of fume build-up from chemicals such as gasoline, paint thinner, etc. 

Outdoor Offices & Modular Construction Site Offices

Our 100% solar-powered 20W106-FLEX fan helps cool your office while helping get the right balance of temperature and humidity control. This becomes especially important if you house delicate IT and communication equipment in the space! 

Solar Kilns 

We recently had a customer install our 20W106-FLEX ventilation fan on two of their solar wood drying kilns to vent moist air to the outside! 

“Love these fans. Worked great for the 2 solar kilns we’ve built. Can’t believe a solar-powered fan can push so much air!” ~Tiernan, M. 

Crawl Spaces 

Unique applications of iSolar's ventilation fan

Throughout the year, crawl spaces collect moisture, making them an ideal living environment for mold and mildew damage. Our partners have installed the 20W106-FLEX fan in several Canadian Indigenous communities with enclosed crawl spaces. Thus, the air circulates throughout the ducting, reducing the risk of mold and radon gases. 

Portable Toilets

Unique applications of iSolar's ventilation fan

While most portable toilets are fitted with a small passive vent or pipe, this feature does little to exhaust the hot air (and odor!) trapped inside the space. Our 20W106-FLEX model uses only the power of the sun to cool the toilet and easily retrofits into the existing vent. 


Unique applications of iSolar's ventilation fan

The iSolar 20W106-FLEX modular unit is extremely flexible and versatile in its applications and is specifically designed to easily retrofit into various types of existing vents, including turbine vents. Our Florida partner, Steve Alexander at Solar Smart Vents, installed this 20W106-FLEX fan under an existing whirlybird with the adjustable solar panel mounted adjacent to it.  

The 20W106-FLEX fan is one of the most versatile ventilation products on the market and has limitless application possibilities for homes and offices. Shop our 20W106-FLEX and see for yourself why it’s our best-selling model! 

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