Solar-Powered Roof Exhaust Fan Benefits That You Need To Know

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If your home has high humidity levels, lingering odors, or mold issues, it is highly likely that ventilation is not adequate. Attic insulation and passive rooftop air vents are standard. However, they often aren’t nearly powerful enough to push humid, damp air out of your attic. It’s time you learn about the roof exhaust fan benefits and how it can solve this problem.

Ventilation allows your home to breathe and improves the air quality for your loved ones. Proper air circulation also plays as an essential component in managing heating and cooling costs. It also extends the life of roofing shingles. 

A simple cost-effective solution to managing attic humidity and heat which improves the health of your home, is a Solar Attic Fan. These small solar rooftop ventilation devices help cool your home in the summer and prevent wintertime condensation issues. 

Let’s look at some of the roof exhaust fan benefits year-round. 

Improve Home Comfort

We benefit from solar attic fans’ ability to ventilate the entire home while reducing the load on your AC system. Even moderate summer climates can increase the temperature of your attic to over 65°C (150°F). But with attic vents, customers from Florida to Ontario will reaps the benefits of reduced moisture levels and heat build-up. Many homeowners who have installed our fans have experienced a drop in first floor living space temperatures by 10°F. And that takes place just after a few hours of solar attic fan operation. 

“We installed one and we really noticed the difference in these last couple of days as our house was really cool when we came in from work without the AC turned on. I am thinking I may install one on the cottage.” ~Les M.

Reduce Energy Costs

Did you know that running conventional electric attic fans consume more energy than they save? Solar attic fans operate using only the energy from the sun at no cost to the homeowner. In fact, homeowners will experience savings from the reduced HVAC load! A properly fitted attic (requiring 1 to 3 solar attic fans depending on square footage) will see approximately 3.5 kwh of electricity reduction (AC load) per cooling day.

“We installed 2 fans on our home and have enjoyed a dramatic temperature drop on our second floor. It’s nice to be able to sleep at night with the windows open. The units really make a difference on hotter days as we have been able to set our A/C at 75F and it hardly ever comes on! Without a doubt we saved significant dollars on our electric bill. Love this product!” ~Donna L.

roof exhaust fan benefits

Protect Your Roof Year-Round 

Whether your home is new or old, moisture can still sneak into the attic and condense on the insulation and framing. A solar attic fan expels hot, moist air from your attic whilst introducing cool, drier air into the space. This exchange prevents condensation from forming and keeps your attic dry, avoiding rot, mold, and fungus development.

Improve Home Air Quality 

A properly ventilated attic effectively guards your home against harmful pollutants like mold and mildew from entering your living space! Most homes already fitted with traditional passive ventilation systems like ridge, static roof, and soffit vents. These systems don’t produce impact in removing heat and moisture from the attic to keep mold spores from growing. Removing moisture in the attic requires a powerful attic ventilation system such as a solar attic fan. These fans forcibly expel hot air from the attic and ensure proper airflow and ventilation throughout the home. 

roof exhaust fan benefits

Works in Every Climate 

A solar fan has year-round benefits that make it suitable for homeowners in both cool and tropical climates. In warm climates, ventilation becomes necessary to expel hot air trapped in the attic, while cooler climates benefit from the release of excess condensation and moisture that rises from the living space. Despite the misconception that solar attic fans only perform in sunny climates, solar attic fans can actually collect energy in reduced light and poor weather conditions, providing maximum cooling effect when needed most: in the middle of the day. 

The iSolar 20WSPF-FLEX and the more powerful 40W-INTEGRATED models come highly recommended by real-life users in Ontario and Florida, and our 20WSPF-FLEX unit has garnered 5-star reviews on Our solar attic fans are also ‘Baeumler Approved’ and backed by HGTV superstar Bryan Baeumler, who recently installed twenty 20WSPF-FLEX iSolar fans at his resort in the Bahamas. 

A solar attic fan on a roof overlooking a lake.
A solar attic fan on a roof overlooking a lake.

Easy & Quick Installation 

iSolar makes installation quick and easy for homeowners and contractors! You can install our fans on the roof in under an hour in three different rooftop methods: 1) gable-end, 2) soffit installations, or 3) easily retrofitted into existing or new roof vents. As our range of fans are 100% solar-powered, you don’t need to hook up your fan to any electric outlet to get it up and running. iSolar fans ship right to your door (shop them in our Store) fully assembled and ready for installation on your home. 

“We swapped out 3 rusting solar-powered roof vents – the design allows for better solar collection throughout the day – they are whisper quiet and installation went quickly and smoothly! ~ Larry, Melbourne FL homeowner.

Ready to Purchase a Solar Attic Fan? 

Start enjoying all the year-round benefits solar attic fans have to offer! iSolar offers solar attic fans ranging from 250 CFM to 1125 CFM (hourly average in direct sunlight). If you’re interested in purchasing, please visit our Shop. If you are interested in distributing iSolar Ventilation fans please contact us today. 

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