3 Signs Your Home Has Poor Attic Ventilation

 How do you know if your home has poor attic ventilation?

The effects of an inadequately ventilated attic often turn out difficult for homeowners to diagnose. Why? The symptoms present themselves in different ways throughout the home. Look at these three common signs calling you to upgrade the ventilation in your attic with a solar attic fan.  

Your Utility Bills Have Skyrocketed

Before you blame the upswing in your electric bill on your AC unit, look to your attic! When your attic isn’t properly ventilated, your AC unit does the hard work. ACs will need to run longer and work harder (with a lower than necessary temperature setting) to keep your home comfortable. Over time, this cumulative strain will result in higher monthly electric bills and costly HVAC maintenance. Making a relatively small investment in a solar powered attic fan will deliver proper attic ventilation. It will keep your AC system running smoothly and reduce your cooling costs. 

Premature Roof Damage 

When did you last replace your roof shingles? If it was within the last 15 years and your home’s roof or exterior is showing signs of rot, then you have an unwanted moisture problem. Surely, the roof shingles would supposedly last longer than they did. Most shingle manufacturers offer warranties of 20+ years.

However, if there is evidence of poor attic ventilation, warranties may be invalid. If you see evidence of moisture, leakage, warping, decaying, or rusting, the culprit is likely caused by poor attic ventilation. As excessive moisture finds its way under your roof’s shingles, the shingles will warp, crumble and chip away. 

Another issue is ice damming, which occurs when excess heat from the attic melts the snow on the roof. This melted ice flows toward the eaves and gutter where it refreezes overnight and accumulates into a pile of ice. As the ice melts, it will leak under the shingles into your home, resulting in significant damage to your walls, ceiling, and insulation. Ventilating your attic with a solar attic fan will move hot air from the attic, cooling the roof’s surface sufficiently, helping you avoid costly repairs.

Mold and Moisture 

Without sufficient airflow, excess moisture and condensation turns to mold and mildew in your attic, which then recirculates into your living space. The best way to combat the growth of mold spores in your home is through adequate attic ventilation. A humid attic also provides a breeding ground and longtime home for termites. 

A solar attic fan expels overheated, moist air from your attic whilst introducing cool, drier air into the space. This exchange prevents condensation from forming and keeps your attic dry, avoiding rot, mold, and fungus development.

The #1 home improvement upgrade you can add to your home this year is a solar attic fan! From saving money on your electric bills to preventing mold and mildew, its benefits will be experienced in every area of your home. Contact us today at info@isolarsolutions.com to learn more about why our independently tested solar attic fan choices are the ideal year-round attic solution for your home.

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