Prevent Mold in Your Attic with a Solar Attic Fan

Protect your home and health from toxic mold with a solar attic fan

Is the air quality in your home as healthy as you think? Homeowners are often unaware of the consequences a poorly ventilated attic space can have on their home and health. Poor air circulation can contribute to mildew, dampness, and mold growth. Consequently, all of these can wreak havoc on your home’s structure and have a detrimental impact on your health. Learn how solar attic fan can help ensure your home’s air quality and comfort throughout the fall and winter seasons. 

A Healthy Attic Equals a Healthy Home 

With more of us cooped up inside and practicing social distancing, indoor air quality is more important than ever. Clean indoor air is an essential component to creating a healthy indoor living environment. Opening up windows, cleaning, and installing an air purifying system may help keep pollutants low. But these are only band-aid solutions. They don’t address where pollutants and other health hazards are entering your home.

Enter the attic — the #1 hotspot in your home for mold, mildew, and rot! 

Attics plays a major role in preventing harmful pollutants from entering the living space. They ensure proper airflow and ventilation throughout your home. When you have healthy attic, pollutants in the air you breathe diminish. Your home’s comfort levels increase. And, of course, your energy bills go down. 

When your attic isn’t healthy, your entire home suffers. 

One consequence of not having a well-functioning and improperly ventilated attic is the growth of attic mold! Mold often goes undetected in our homes’ attic. This compromises not only your roof structure, indoor air quality, and most importantly—your health! Toxic mold growth is associated with many health hazards. These include allergic reactions, headaches and migraines, chronic fatigue, respiratory infections, chronic sinus problems, and joint and muscle pain. While mold often goes undetected in our attics, these common signs signal that air circulation is poor:

  • A spike in energy bills
  • Fluctuating temperatures or drafts 
  • Heat build-up that does not dissipate
  • Rotting wood or trusses, buckling shingles, and ice dams in winter

The Key to Mold Prevention is Moisture Control 

The best way to combat the growth of mold spores in your home is through adequate attic ventilation. Without sufficient airflow, excess moisture and condensation turns to mold, which then recirculates into your living space. Excessive condensation can also rot structural components of your roof, resulting in costly repairs. 

Proper attic ventilation is particularly important in the cooler months, when moist hot air caused by heat, cooking, showering, etc. rises to meet the hot air in the attic and causes condensation. Without a system in place to help the air escape, this moist, stagnant air quickly becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, wood rot, and termites. 

A Solar Attic Fan Can Beat Moisture Issues Year-Round 

While most home are already fitted with traditional passive ventilation systems like ridge, static roof, and soffit vents, these systems are not powerful enough to remove enough heat and moisture in the attic to keep mold spores from growing. 

Removing moisture in the attic requires an active ventilation system such as a solar attic fan. Solar attic fans push hot air out of the attic and provide a steady air flow into the attic which prevents excess heat and moisture buildup.

A solar attic fan is one of the best ways to stop moisture in its tracks, but don’t just take our word for it, ask our customers:

“I installed 3 [iSolar] fans (I could have used only 2, but because of the shape of my roof a 3rd will help manage excess heat and moisture above a washroom. Since installing these fans about a month ago, I’ve noticed the avg daily temperature and humidity decrease in my attic as well as the general comfort level on the 2nd story of my home! Well worth the investment!” ~ iSolar Solutions customer 

To learn more about why our independently tested solar attic fan choices are the ideal year-round attic solution for your home, please visit

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