How can a solar attic fan reduce wear and tear on your home’s air conditioning system?

Staying cool over the hot summer months can be pricey. But with a solar attic fan, homeowners can harness the power of the summer sun to keep temperatures down, while reducing overall reliance on air conditioning.   

Depending on the climate of where a home is located, air conditioning can increase a homeowner’s electricity bills by as much as 42 per cent. And North American homeowners certainly are not alone. Worldwide, one American study predicts that international air conditioning will triple by the year 2050. 

Needless to say, most homeowners will be looking for relief from more than just the summer heat in the coming years!

One way homeowners can cut down on electricity costs is by installing a solar attic fan. Solar attic fans work by boosting air circulation inside a home’s attic. 

Though most roofs already come with built-in vents, these “passive” vents do not have any motorized or mechanical parts, and instead rely on differences in air density between the indoor and outdoor environment to stimulate air circulation. Though passive ventilation alone can satisfy minimum building code requirements, drastic shifts in outdoor and indoor temperatures can significantly hinder the amount of ventilation your home actually gets. 

When temperatures soar, these passive vents alone may not be enough to achieve optimal airflow, causing hot air to be trapped inside your home’s attic. This in turn drives indoor temperatures higher, causing your home’s air conditioning to work extra hard in order to keep you cool inside. 

Solar attic fans like iSolar Solutions’ popular 19W-MOD-SNV help lessen the load on a home’s air conditioning by giving passive vents a much-needed boost. These motorized fans automatically switch on when your home’s attic is not getting enough air circulation, and then switch off when they are not needed. 

This can lower a home’s temperature by as much as 10C in the summer, helping homeowners cut down not only on day-to-day air conditioning costs, but also on wear and tear for air conditioning systems. Because solar attic fans rely solely on the sun’s rays for power, they add nothing to your home’s monthly electricity bills. As an added bonus, a solar attic fan can help prolong the life of your roof’s shingles, which can be damaged by overheated attics. 

In areas where the summer heat comes with high humidity, solar attic fans also help homeowners ward off other potentially expensive repairs down the road. In addition to removing hot air, solar attic fans also prevent moisture from being trapped inside your home’s roof. If left untreated, moisture buildup can lead to rot, mildew and mould, which can then turn into health problems and costly structural repairs. 

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