20WSPF-FLEX Modular Solar Powered Attic Fan

Solar ATTIC Fan – iSolar 20WSPF-FLEX • 100% Solar Powered • up to 400 CFM • Ideal for a 600 sq. ft. Area • All Season Ventilation Benefit • (Vent cover not included)

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A modular roof or wall mount solar attic fan that easily retrofits into existing vent openings or with a new hole cut to 8” to 9”. Generally requires two units that can be strategically located on a roof for optimal air-flow. A natural solar-energy-driven fan, making high efficient yet quiet ventilation via its top-grade brushless motor. An energy-saving ventilation solution for a healthy and comfortable environment.


  • Removes moisture, harmful mold, mildew & gases
  • Extends lifespan of roofing materials
  • Reduces wear on air-conditioners
  • Balances indoor temperature
  • Prevents ice-damming in winter (without thermal auto shut-off)
  • Reduces electricity bills
Weight 4.03 kg
Air Movement

< 400 CFM *


Roof/Attic, Sheds, Garages & Outbuildings


1m (39 in.) length cable with SAE plug to connect solar panel and fan

Fan Blades

(5) Composite plastic high velocity fan blades

Fan Dimensions


Fan Housing

One-piece fan and mounting plate for easy retrofit under existing or new vent covers.


Brushless DC

Motor Intrusion Protection

IP68 (Waterproof and dustproof)

Motor Power

≤ 20W

Motor Quietness

< 67 dB

Motor Size

7.6 cm (3 in.) diameter

Motor Speed

4000 RPM

Motor Voltage



46×38.8×9 cm (18.1×15.4×3.5 in.)


20W Solar panel

Solar Panel:

Monocrystalline, adjustable / detachable
size: 35x42x2.5 cm (13.7×16.5×1 in.)

Thermal Auto Shut-off Switch

Optional Shut-off Switch – Set to 20C/68F (special order)


4.03 kg. (8.9 lbs.)

*Due to lack of industry standards, CFM is often quoted as the maximum peak output of a bare fan in laboratory conditions. iSolar CFM is representative of its fully-integrated units operating in typical attic conditions.

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