Smart Filter Attic Vent by SNOWVENTCO

 with Micropore Stainless  Steel Filter Technology

Invented by a roofer to defeat the harsh Canadian winters, this CSA approved, static attic vent cover will block over 99% of snow and rain even in severe storm conditions and is hail resistant too!

Conventional Roof Vents are Problematic

Roofers often point out to homeowners that roof (attic) vent covers, when battered by severe weather conditions will allow blowing snow, rain, dust, insects and vermin to penetrate the attic. Failing vent covers can facilitate wood rot, mould, insulation damage, leading to thousands of dollars of repairs for disappointed customers.

State of the Art Design

Designed and manufactured in Canada, SNOWVENTCO’s patented, CSA-approved, polypropylene and stainless-steel design enables heat and moisture to escape your attic… while providing a hail resistant, clog-free, 99%+ impenetrable barrier (SNOWVENTCO’s unique micropore stainless steel Smart Filter), which has thousands of 120-micron holes to keep out all unwanted elements. The Smart Filter is engineered not to clog thanks to the porcelain-like smoothness of the steel screen and the outflow of warm air from the attic, which continuously cleans the filter.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Extra-thick polypropylene construction and the steel filter ensure the vent can handle a lot of punishment. The hail resistant SNOWVENTCO Roofers’ Vent withstands over 180 kg (400 lbs) of standing weight. A wider (oversized mounting flange makes installation a snap and helps improve the overall seal. This simple improvement has been demanded by roofers for years.

SNOWVENTCO Roofers’ Vents are available in both EXHAUST and INTAKE versions.



  • Featuring micropore stainless steel filter technology: hail resistant, over 99% impenetrable barrier to snow, rain, insects and vermin
  • Patented pleated filter design provides 80 sq in of filter surface for a 50 sq in NFA vent
  • Exceeds CSA airflow requirements
  • Intake air is filtered on an ongoing basis
  • CSA Approved

Vent Size

21.59×19.67 cm (8.5×7.75 in.)


Vent Hole Size

18.42×18.42 cm (7.25×7.25 in.)


Filter Size

pleated 50 sq in filter gives 80 sq in of filter surface area

Vent Color

  • WBlack
  • WBrown
  • WGrey

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