Our bestselling solar attic fan is now lighter, more efficient, and more modular than ever

The iSolar Solutions 20WSPF-FLEX solar attic fan.

One of iSolar Solutions’ best-selling solar attic fan is now back as the new 20WSPF-FLEX. This version is lighter, more efficient, and which offers homeowners more flexible installation options than ever before.

What’s changed?

The upgraded fan carries on the older 19W-MOD’s stellar reputation for keeping mold, mildew and rot out of attics with efficient year-round ventilation. The 20WSPF-FLEX, however, now comes with a much lengthier 39-inch cable that is 33 per cent longer than that of its predecessor. 

The longer cable gives homeowners significantly more installation options. Such as situations when the solar panel and fan must be installed far apart. Or when multiple fans must be chained together to make maximum use of available sunlight on a property. This comes in especially handy when the architectural features of a home require creative, custom installation solutions

For more challenging scenarios with tight spaces, a special crawl space package is available. This version is ideal for buildings like sheds or cottages that don’t have basements. It uses a special anti-gust hood to mount the fan in a small hole cut into the side of a structure. 

Though the maximum ventilation capacity of the 20WSPF-FLEX remains unchanged from its predecessor, the upgraded fan has a much more powerful 4,000 RPM motor. This allows it to reach and maintain the maximum airflow rate of 400 CFM (cubic feet per minute) more reliably. 

Now weighing 30 per cent less, the 20WSPF-FLEX also literally takes a load off the backs of contractors and roofers. Though the 20WSPF-FLEX uses a slightly smaller solar panel, it still packs the same punch by replacing traditional polycrystalline solar cells with monocrystalline ones. Compared to polycrystalline cells, monocrystalline cells are generally more efficient at harnessing the sun’s rays. 

What is staying the same? 

Despite these upgrades, many of the features that made the 19W-MOD popular are here to stay. The new solar attic fan keeps its predecessor’s compact size of 6.7” x 6” x 2”, allowing for easy installation into existing roof vents in under 15 minutes. 

Like the 19W-MOD, the 20WSPF-FLEX can be paired with a CSA-approved SNOWVENTCO Roofers Vent Cover. This cover uses micropore technology to keep over 99 per cent of debris, weather elements and small animals out.

And as with all of iSolar Solutions’ products, the 20WSPF-FLEX comes with a 20-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. 

For more information about the new 20WSPF-FLEX, and for more information on what solar attic fan models are best for your home, please contact one of our knowledgeable staff

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