Award-winning Cobble Beach Golf Resort in Ontario, home of the annual Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance antique automobile festival, gets even greener with the installation of twenty iSolar retrofittable 19W-MOD solar ventilation fans! 

After experiencing uncomfortable indoor temperatures within some of the resort buildings and Nantucket-style Clubhouse, Cobble Beach President, Rob McLeese, called upon iSolar Solutions to discuss the potential problem of overheated attic spaces, uncomfortable living/working spaces, and excess moisture issues. 

As with most commercial buildings that receive a large influx of visitors and staff, the continuous opening and closing of the resort’s entrance doors was putting a tremendous strain on the building’s HVAC unit and making it difficult to cool the space efficiently.  

The installation of twenty retrofittable 19W-MOD solar ventilation units allows hot air to evacuate from the attic spaces which overheat in the summer due to the black shingled rooftops. Each solar ventilation fan was installed in less than 45 minutes on various buildings around the property, including the wastewater treatment centre, outdoor washrooms, and other service/maintenance facilities on the golf course property. 

The 19W-MOD unit’s elegant, low-profile body prevents it from becoming an eyesore for customers and interfering with the stunning aesthetic of the resort and beautiful golf course views! 

Cobble Beach President, Rob McLeese noted that the change in comfort was noticeable almost immediately and the indoor temperatures remain fairly constant: 

“Cobble Beach Golf Resort is happy to show its employees and guests that we have a solar-powered solution mounted on its rooftops. The solar attic fans consume no electricity to deliver fresh air to our work areas and living spaces. The units help preserve the roof shingles and reduce the resort’s AC usage. Given the relatively low cost of the fans, we’d be pleased to add more units to the premises of our buildings as needed.”

The 19W-MOD solar ventilation fan is optimized for large space applications such as commercial buildings, golf courses, sheds, and greenhouses and has garnered 5-star reviews on These units are also ‘Baeumler Approved’ and backed by HGTV superstar Bryan Baeumler, who recently installed twenty 19W-MOD ventilation fans at his resort in the Bahamas. 

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