6 Features to Look for in a Quality Solar Powered Attic Fan

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Solar powered attic fans (SPAFs) are a cost-effective and efficient way to improve home comfort, save your roof from damage, and reduce your carbon footprint! If you’re sold on the concept of a solar attic fan (SPAF), but lost on where to start when weighing the countless options available on the market, we’re here to help! Read on to learn our top six must-have SPAF features. 

Quality Materials 

Since your solar attic fan will sit atop the roof and be exposed to elements such as harsh winds, hail, snow, and a constant stream of UV rays, durability should be one of your top considerations. The last thing you want is for your solar attic fan to fall apart after only a couple of years! Unlike many competitor fans, which are made solely of plastic and crack when exposed to UV radiation, our range of contractor-grade iSolar attic fans are constructed using a strong galvanized steel unibody fan casing and finished with anti-UV powder coating to protect them from heat and UV exposure. The fan’s waterproof and dustproof fan motor also ensures it will keep its integrity for years to come.

The iSolar 40W-INT fan’s (shown above) thick body and galvanized steel casing with anti-UV coating stand the test of time (Right: Rusted competitor solar attic fan) 

Ease of Installation

iSolar makes installation quick and easy for homeowners and contractors! Our fans can be installed on your roof in under an hour in three different rooftop methods: gable-end, soffit installations, or easily retrofitted into existing or new roof vents. As our range of fans are 100% solar-powered, there is no need to hook up your fan to any electric outlet to get it up and running. iSolar fans ship right to your door (shop them on Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, or Wayfair.ca) fully assembled and ready for installation on your home. 

The Solar Attic Fan is compatible with all the following types of vents (shown above)                                       

Adjustable Solar Panel 

As solar fans can only operate when receiving direct sunlight, it’s important that the panel is adjustable for maximum sun collection. iSolar fans include an adjustable solar panel bracket that enables adjustment of the pitch to capture sunlight and achieve optimal performance. Our contactor grade model’s solar panels can also swivel once the pitch of the solar panel is set.

Elegant, Low-Profile Body
We know exhaust fans can be an eye-sore for homeowners (and your neighbours!) That’s why the iSolar team has designed each of our models with an elegant, low-profile body. This feature offers an aesthetically appealing option for residents wanting a sleek attic ventilation system that can be hidden from street view. Unlike roof turbines, which have to be installed along, or close to the roof’s peak (right in plain view!), the 20W106-FLEX‘s sleek, minimalistic, and adjustable design allows the fan to be installed on an area of the roof.


While most competitor solar attic fans have a warranty of only five or ten years (especially on the motor), iSolar fans come with a generous 20-year warranty. Our 20W106-FLEX and 40W-INT models come highly recommended by real-life users in Ontario and Florida, and our 19W-INT SPAF has garnered 5-star reviews on Amazon.ca. Our range of fans are also ‘Baeumler Approved’ and backed by HGTV superstar Bryan Baeumler, who recently installed twenty 20W106-FLEX iSolar fans at his resort in the Bahamas. 

Noise Levels

There’s nothing worse than being disturbed by the constant noise of a loud fan whirring above! If you’re hoping to use your top floor or attic for a useful space other than storage, you’ll be happy to hear that our fans are fitted with a whisper quiet brushless motor. 

Strong Motor 

Solar attic fans sometimes get a bad rap for having very little effect on improving the comfort of a space. A SPAF needs to be powerful enough to push out a constant stream of hot attic air, and some models just aren’t up to the task or simply don’t provide the constant CFM as advertised. Our 20W106-FLEX solar attic fan is fitted with a powerful motor and is a fantastic option for roofs, attics, sheds, golf course washrooms, and outbuildings.  If you’re looking to cool a much larger space, the iSolar 40W-MOD fan, fitted with a powerful 20V motor and 1092 CFM option, is your go-to! 

iSolar offers solar attic fans ranging from 250 CFM to 1125 CFM (hourly average in direct sunlight) with free shipping on orders of 12 or more units (any combination). If you’re interested in purchasing or distributing iSolar Attic fans please visit Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, or contact info@isolarsolutions.ca. Volume discounts are available!

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